Assignment guided by Saskia van Gelder Man & IdentityDesign Academy Eindhoven2018

With this project I was questioning religion and the current identity of the human being. 

This project has derived from my believes in spirituality. My believes have been shaped out of norms and values that I find important in life. Because of the rise of indivitualism I was wondering if there is still room for spirituality. 

Within 5 – 15 years I believe that spirituality is still present but more on a personal and individual level. As individualism is rising. Is there still room for spirituality? How are we going to express that? New symbolism will exist because we will express our personal convictions through the human body by going inwards.

This forcast is a reaction and example of how one could express their convictions and blieves. By creating new characters and give them a new meaning of symbolism expressed in an audio visual.