Imaginary Mom


Who was my mother?

Who could she be?

What did she look like?

Did she look like me?


What did I inherit?

Her eyes?

Her mouth?

Her face?


It’s a mystery that I carry

It’s a mystery that follows

Using my imagination

My imagination that draws the body of my mother


Who was my mother?

Who could she be?

What did she look like?

Did she look like me?

Design Academy Eindhoven
Graduation 2021

Print Peter van Ede/World Peace Advertisement
Photography Eliott Tsaramaro
Assistent stylist Elisa Petit

With this project, I touched upon the subject of adoption. Adoption itself can be a complex and sensitive subject because it has many intricacies that come with it.  When I was growing up, many questions were raised: ‘Where do I come from? Who were my parents, and who do I look like?'Since I am an adopted child, I used my imagination and inner child to draw and wonder what my biological mother could look like based on imaginative characteristics. I answered this question by creating multiple playful characters and captured this in a series of colorful portraits.


In my imagination

She is too serious

People might perceive her as cold

An old soul

A block of ice that hasn’t melt

With that serious face she puts on

In that mind

Is there something going on?


In my imagination

She is an energetic dancer

Her glittery make up

Her sparkly fringy dress

Shaking from side

The women that’s ‘stayin’ a live’

Not even embarrassed by her wild moves

Everyone wants to be part of her groove

Nigerian Mom

In my imagination

She is a Nigerian Queen

Who is the greatest

The mightiest of them all

A heart of gold, confidence from head to toe

She obviously knows how to pull off a show

With her glowing brown skin

Her beautiful eye

Her plump lips

A dazzling blue dress

She parades the world like a 


In my imagination

She is a lively fairy

Flying around with her lovely wings

High so high in the sky.

She is is living her dream 

Thats why. 

Eyes that big

And her lips that makes you wanting to be kissed

With a dress that makes her like a flower

A beautiful flower 

That is could never be missed.


In my imagination 

She is witty 

Before you know it

She already had her go 

With her brainy jokery 

Jumping along with her funny face  

And colourful dress 

With her two little dinosaur friends

On her side.


In my imagination

She can be chaotic

Forgetful at times

With the expression

“I don’t know where to find it, I don’t know what to do”

Messy hair

Like it hasn’t been combed for ages

She might come off a bit strange.

Half dressed up 

Half in pyjamas

With her untied shoes on 

How is she able to manage herself like this all day long?

Life size mothers! (Coming soon!!)

Prints - Peter van Ede / World Peace Advertisement
Photographer - Elisa Petit
Styling assistant - Eliott Tsaramaro