In my imaginationShe is too seriousPeople might perceive her as coldAn old soulA block of ice that hasn’t meltWith that serious face she puts onIn that mindIs there something going on?


In my imaginationShe is an energetic dancerHer glittery make upHer sparkly fringy dressShaking from sideThe women that’s ‘stayin’ a live’Not even embarrassed by her wild movesEveryone wants to be part of her groove

Nigerian Mom

In my imaginationShe is a Nigerian QueenWho is the greatestThe mightiest of them allA heart of gold, confidence from head to toeShe obviously knows how to pull off a showWith her glowing brown skinHer beautiful eyeHer plump lipsA dazzling blue dressShe parades the world like a goddess


In my imaginationShe is a lively fairyFlying around with her lovely wingsHigh so high in the sky.She is is living her dream Thats why. Eyes that bigAnd her lips that makes you wanting to be kissedWith a dress that makes her like a flowerA beautiful flower That is could never be missed.


In my imagination She is witty Before you know itShe already had her go With her brainy jokery Jumping along with her funny face  And colourful dress With her two little dinosaur friendsOn her side.


In my imaginationShe can be chaoticForgetful at timesWith the expression“I don’t know where to find it, I don’t know what to do”Messy hairLike it hasn’t been combed for agesShe might come off a bit strange.Half dressed up Half in pyjamasWith her untied shoes on How is she able to manage herself like this all day long?

Life size mothers! (Coming soon!!)

Prints - Peter van Ede / World Peace Advertisement
Photographer - Elisa Petit
Styling assistant - Eliott Tsaramaro